January 12, 2011

Winter Projects On A Snowy Day!

  Here's a peek outback from the living room window. SNOW... it is very pretty, and we are suppose to get LOTS of it today! The weather men were predicting upwards of 14 inches, but we may have gotten a bit more. So, what to do on a day like this....  make a cup of tea, turn on a good movie and pull out the crocheting projects that I have been trying to start or finish!!
So...  here goes!

 I found a baby afghan pattern late in the fall and thought it would be a fun to try it! I found a soft baby blue yarn to work with and then trimmed it in baby soft white! You can't see it too well, but the blue is really a pale blue & white twill! It is sooo pretty! I was wondering if I'd EVER get this done! The only time I really have worked on it is when I'm waiting in the van for someone! The stitches are sooo delicate and this is definitely one that  I'll do again!! I may even use regular yarn and make some of these for 'big people' ....  Hmmm, this may be a good Christmas project!!

After finishing the baby afghan this morning I decided to try this fast moving pattern!! When I found this yarn I fell in love with the colors!! I wasn't sure what I'd do with it, but I bought two skeins. (It was hard not to buy all three that were in the bin!) I'm not sure if this will be the final project or not, but I'm going to making the scarf that is on the package! Have you ever noticed that the directions aren't always very clear?! I even took the sleeve off the skein of yarn in the store to see if I would understand them once I got home. (SHHH, don't tell!) Well, the more I play with it, do some stitches and take them out again, the more I am understanding just what they are asking me to do! Don't you just LOVE the colors!?

Here's another beautiful yarn I found a couple of weeks ago!! It's called 'denim rag' and the name suits the color of blue! I think one of these may become wrist warmers (another new pattern...) but I'm not sure yet!! I want to go back to the store to get some of the Fisherman's Wool yarn that I opted not to get that day...  (bad choice on my part LOL)!! The soft wool will make up some nice wrist warmers for sure! I'll keep you posted on my progress!! SOOO many projects sooo little time to devote to them!

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