January 18, 2011

This One is For You AMS! Tutorial "Chap Stick Holder"

A friend of mine wants lessons on how to make these sweet little holders! After taking a look at the one she bought for her daughter, Audrey & I determined that it wouldn't take too long to figure this out and soon started our own production! Start with an H hook and some acrylic yarn! (A perfect way to use up the leftover balls of yarn!)

1) Step one...    begin and chain 4, connect to make a circle using a slip stitch.

2) Step two...    8 double crochet (putting hook through the center of the circle)
                          connect the end stitch to the first one with a slip stitch.

3) Step three...   for the next 10-14 rows, 8 single crochets all the way around.
                          Continue 'round and 'round until it is the right size.

4) Step four...   10 rows should be enough for the standard chap stick... 
                         I made 14 rows for my tube of Carmex.

5) Step five...  After completing the rows, chain approx. 80 stitches
                        and attach to the opposite side from where you began the chain.
                       This makes the chap stick holder into a necklace.

Other options: Instead of chaining 80 for a necklace, chain approx. 20
and then connect. This can be used on a pocketbook strap, add hook and it
can be used on a zipper!  Add buttons or not... the ideas are endless!!
Have fun creating!

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