March 24, 2009

Spring Fever Anyone??

Does anyone else have spring fever?? We've had the most beautiful weather the past few days that I'm ready, no, more then ready for spring! The snow is melting, the mud is appearing, the load limit signs have been hung with care, the sap is boiling into maple syrup, the bunnies are growing, the chickens are finally laying more eggs!! YEAH.... spring is in the air!

Everything is ready for warmer weather! Audrey and I went to Connecticut this past Sunday to pick up two New Zealand White rabbits (does) and all the way down we could see 'spring' arriving! We were in Waterbury and they have GREEN grass!! HURRAY! I know, for those of you who live in warmer climates, you may think I'm a bit nutty..... but it has been a LONG time for us who have been seeing white ground everywhere!

Today the temperature is 42* and there is a bit of cool breeze, but the sun is shining absolutely beautiful!! God's creation is awakening and shouting for joy all around us!

Next sign on spring..... potato salad and veggies & meat on the grill!! (Can't hardly wait!)

March 8, 2009

New Babies...

Hazel is checking out her babies!
Here's a quick peek! They are about a day old here.... we took a quick count, I think we saw 9 or 10 babies! YIKES!!

Here they are at 5 days old! (Update: We counted 11 babies, WOW!! Unfortunately, 2 of them died.)
Their eyes opened around 10 days old and here's a 2 week old picture that we took with a cellphone camera! A few of them have started jumping out of the nesting box... but they can't get back in! :) We carefully pick them up and put them back in, wearing a glove and under the watchful eye of 'Mama Hazel'!

March 6, 2009

A Little Snow Fun....

Over the past few weeks, TJ has taken his snowboard and a shovel out to the field and made himself a pretty good trail & jump! It looks flat in these pictures, but there is a definate slope that makes him go pretty fast!
He's had lots of fun as you can see! Last weekend, Audrey took her camera and went out to the trail with him.
She caught quite a few good action shots of him going over the jumps! He landed most of the jumps...... but sometimes they landed him instead!

March 1, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Audrey & Austin!

Today is a day of celebration in our family!! This is the day we celebrate the gift of two amazing children! Ok, maybe they aren't technically 'children' anymore... but they will always be so in our hearts! :) I love this picture... it is actually posted on my refigerator!! :) They are about 2 1/2 yrs. old and donning new sweaters that my mom had knitted for them!
We had a wonderful day! The day started with a surprise phone call from friends in Austria!! What a blessing that was! :) Then we went to church together (Austin left early as he was playing in the worship team). After church we went to "The Weathervane" for a seafood dinner! The day was finished up with cake and ice cream! Austin requested his usual favorite 'Jello-Cake' and Audrey actually made her own cake this year... trying to duplicate a 'coffee' cake (not to be confused with a coffee-cake) that they had in Honduras! (IT WAS YUMMY!)

This picture was taken this past summer at my mom's church! They have grown up from the cute little toddlers into wonderful young adults! You are blessings to us! We love you!! Happy Birthday Audrey & Austin!!