March 7, 2012

And A Lovely Time We Had....

Some times I wonder if angels
live in the form of humans....

Today I was blessed to spend the
day with Gary.
 We made cookies....
a four ingredient recipe that
was a lot of fun to make!
(peanut butter,sugar, corn
syrup and cornflakes!)
Gary poured & stirred and
spooned them onto wax paper!
THEN he taste tested the
finished product!!
 Gary and I went out for lunch....
one of his favorites, Chinese food!

And the fortune cookie reads....

"A friend asks only for your time not  your money"
What a perfect one for Gary!

Gary helped me make a few purchases
for a special little friend
and then we went back home!

On the ride home he sang to me...
"How sweet it is to be loved by you"
talk about a teary eyed moment!

We had fun singing silly songs...
"Wheels on The Bus"
"Down By The Bay" and
a few other ones.... 

I wish I had taken a picture of him
and me together... or of him playing
with his cool toys! He is one amazing
young man who is blessed with his
family and is a blessing to all
who know him!!

Thanks for a fun day Gary!!

March 1, 2012

Morning Has Broken....

A beautiful sunrise, 
the morning after a storm.