November 23, 2007

We Had A Wonderful Day....

It is the morning after Thanksgiving and I just had to say.... we had a wonderful day! We all spent the day at Pete's sister Beth & her husband Eric's house where they prepared a feast! They cooked a turkey and a ham, yummy glazed carrots, squash, mashed potatoes etc. etc. etc.... I think with all the additional food that everyone brought we had enough to feed an army, which is good because we had a small army present, 21 people in all!! All of Pete's siblings (2 sisters, 1 brother & himself) were there with all or part of their families, their mom and aunt were all present and accounted for! This is the first year that most everyone has been able to get together in a LONG TIME, and we even had four generations present! (Pete's mom, his sister, her daughter and her two sons.... ) Here's a group shot with only a few missing.... (THANKS GO TO the picture takers: Jason & Eric!) (Missing family members: Eric one of the photographers, Aaron... serving overseas, Josh had to work, Kim had to work.)Since leftovers are a big things around here, I had a turkey cooking at home too! Naturally, we were all tooo full to eat again, but we did enjoy pie, cheese & crackers, eggnog, cider, tea & coffee! We were blessed to have a family friend with us for the day, to have another family member join us later in the day, and also a couple of friends from church popped in!! We had Amazing Grace playing in the living room and a game of 'Fill or Bust' going at the table! (Steve won, Rita was second, Audrey & TJ were in 3rd & 4th place and Pete & I were 5th & 6th .... ) It was alot of fun... Travis, Jason & Austin were watching the movie and had to turn it up a few times, I guess we were a bit loud! :)

All in all..... we had a wonderful, blessed day! Hope you all did too!

November 21, 2007


Just in case I don't get online to wish all of you a "Happy Thanksgiving" I want to do it now! I pray that each of you who reads this will take time to count your blessings..... whether big or small the Lord God gave them all to you!

This is a special season when we should all stop and look back over the past year.... Whether it was an easier or more difficult year than in the past .... there are people, situations and things we ALL have to be thankful for!

I always remember my father in law especially during this time of year.... he was a humble, quiet man who went about life working hard for his family and would help others as he could! He worked many a Thanksgiving plowing the roads so that others could be safe!! Every year he would make a comment that "If it snows on Thanksgiving, it won't snow on Christmas." :) I am thankful for the example he gave my husband of what it is to be a good man....
This will be the 3rd Thanksgiving without him..... but his legacy of love lives on! This picture of the kids with Pete's mom & dad was taken on Thanksgiving afternoon 1996! He sure hated to have his picture taken... but for the grandkids, he'd do almost anything! :)

Don't get worked up over all the details of the day, but rather enjoy the love of your family and friends around you! Remember to let those you love know just how much you love them.... don't assume that they already know! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

November 20, 2007

"Morning Has Broken....."

Morning has broken.... and the sky dumped out a load of 'white stuff'! :) We officially had our first snow storm today! It isn't a huge amount, just enough to make the driving dangerous.... 35-40 MPH up the interstate to get home.... but the beautiful sight of the snow clinging onto the branches is always a heart stopper for me!
The old wive's tale about the first snowstorm is that whatever date the first storm comes on determines how many storms we'll have for the winter season! :) SO.... according to that we should have 20 storms this year! Maybe I'll keep track this year to see just how close we get!!

Can you believe that the radio is playing CHRISTMAS music already!! Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving" and usually the Christmas music starts the day after... so much for tradition! (I have to admit.... the snow and music sure are putting me in the 'holiday mood'!) :)

November 12, 2007

Happy #20 Travis!

Today is Travis's 20th birthday..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The day Travis was born (12:37 AM), we had a snowstorm and Pete went home in about 6-8 inches of slippery snow! Did you know that probably 15 of the last 20 years we have had at least flurries on his special day!
Here is Travis at 22 days old!! :) His teddy bear that Uncle Marc sent from Guam was bigger then he was!

Yesterday, late afternoon, Travis had a bunch of guys over to celebrate with him! We ordered Chinese take out, we had all the required munchies and drinks for before and after eating dinner, and the guys had a great time! They started the potbelly woodstove out in the yard, set off a few fireworks, had dinner, played guitar hero, ate jello cake & ice cream and laughed alot and had lots of fun!! And today, it is official..... Travis is 20!

FLASHBACK.... Travis & Pete building the treehouse for his 5th birthday! :)
And here we are today...... all grown up and ready to take the world!! (Ok, well maybe not ready to take the world, but ready to have fun in it!) :)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.... AND MANY, MANY MORE! :)

November 8, 2007


Since my last post we have had two more decisions to go to Honduras! Both Austin & Pete have joined the team and will be heading south in January too! I'm excited for them and know that it will be a time for each of them to be stretched and grow in their faith!

All three applications for passports have been filed and the appointments for immunizations are on the books for November! (with boosters in December) They may feel like pin cushions by the end of all this preparation time! :)

NOW it is time for hunting down things to bring with them! FUN THINGS for them to share with the children.... soft Frisbees, flip flops, blow up balls, jacks, etc.... anything that they can tuck into their luggage and use for a bridge to have fun and bless the children! (We also need to figure out what to pack for them..... hot weather clothes for sure!)

Lots lists yet to make!!! (My kids laugh at me 'cuz I make lists to get things done! It works for me... even if it is an 'old lady' way of life.... I don't fritter away my time, lose my focus, or forget what the heck I was suppose to get done!) LOL

Have a wonderful day!

November 1, 2007

One Yes, One No and One Sitting on the Fence....

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Probably not... :) Well, the kids are making decisions about a missions trip! Travis has said no for this trip, Austin is still sitting on the fence and Audrey has her letters for support all written and is addressing envelopes even as I type!

January 2008, Audrey along with a team of probably 8+/- others will be heading to Honduras for a ten day medical missions trip! They will be bringing in medical supplies and working with doctors to set up medical & dental clinics and treating as many people as will come!

In years past, this group has pulled teeth, held flashlights for the doctors, flushed ears, helped to dispense Tylenol, played with the children and most importantly shared the gospel of Jesus with the people in these small villages! Most likely, these will be some of the things Audrey will be doing on her trip too!

Audrey is thrilled and honored to be able to go!! I'll keep you updated as her plans progress.... she will be applying for her passport this week and already has the Doctor appt. set for updating her immunizations and getting malaria medication!

I am already excited and can't wait to see the pictures when she gets back! (Yes, of course we'll be sharing them with you all too!) Please keep her and her team in your prayers!!