November 1, 2007

One Yes, One No and One Sitting on the Fence....

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Probably not... :) Well, the kids are making decisions about a missions trip! Travis has said no for this trip, Austin is still sitting on the fence and Audrey has her letters for support all written and is addressing envelopes even as I type!

January 2008, Audrey along with a team of probably 8+/- others will be heading to Honduras for a ten day medical missions trip! They will be bringing in medical supplies and working with doctors to set up medical & dental clinics and treating as many people as will come!

In years past, this group has pulled teeth, held flashlights for the doctors, flushed ears, helped to dispense Tylenol, played with the children and most importantly shared the gospel of Jesus with the people in these small villages! Most likely, these will be some of the things Audrey will be doing on her trip too!

Audrey is thrilled and honored to be able to go!! I'll keep you updated as her plans progress.... she will be applying for her passport this week and already has the Doctor appt. set for updating her immunizations and getting malaria medication!

I am already excited and can't wait to see the pictures when she gets back! (Yes, of course we'll be sharing them with you all too!) Please keep her and her team in your prayers!!

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mad4books said...

I'm excited FOR her. Let's hope her passport comes in time!