June 23, 2009

It is Official.....

June 19th at 7PM (or shortly thereafter...) Audrey & Austin graduated from high school. I LOVE this picture of them together! How special it must be to go through life celebrating the highest points with a twin! They are so sweet! Ya, I know..... I'm the Mom, I'm suppose to think this way right?! Well, ya... but it is also true! :)

What does next year hold for them?? Hmmm, that is the million dollar question! Austin plans to take the next year to work & SAVE money while pursuing his music. He is interested in a school in Florida... MMI (Motorcycle Mechanic Institute) and maybe by this time next year, he'll ready to go. Audrey is looking into some online courses and also taking photography courses a tech. school. Eventually, she'd like to work with young children!

CONGRATULATIONS AUDREY & AUSTIN! We are proud of you both!!

June 15, 2009

Yesterday's Sermon Is Making Me Think....

Yesterday was week 4 of a series called "Roots". The main theme is to allow God to work on each of us in those buried, hidden places of our hearts. The hurts & pains & unforgivenesses that most people carry through life and unfortunately, most times, find that those 'hidden areas' are not so hidden ... but rather used to put a strangle hold on our hearts.

Well, a few of the key things that I heard were:

"Jesus is the ONLY NORMAL person born since the Garden of Eden." (IF we want to look at what is normal .... stop looking side to side and start to look closely at Jesus's life... what he did, how he acted & reacted, how he handled relationships.... etc.) Hmmm, this is a definate nugget to chew on this week!

Our text was from Genesis 3:8-11 specifically looking at the first question in verse 11 which is a question from God to Adam & Eve, "Who told you that you were naked?" Notice Adam didn't answer Him.... but he somehow had figured out how to sew overnight! Did he use roots to sew the fig leaves with? This is word picture of mankind even now.... instead of being transparent with one another, instead of dealing with the hurts, we tend to cover them and allow the roots to grow... and go deeper & deeper within us. Adam & Eve walked with their Maker naked and didn't know it, and that WAS NORMAL. (they walked physically naked, but they also walked transparent & honest... they didn't cover up & hide emotions. They didn't disquise what they were dealing with.... AND THAT WAS NORMAL!) Here's more nuggets to chew on.....

God wants to change the 'cottage' of our lives into a palace! He wants us in relationship with Him. We need to allow Him to gently uncover & start the work of pulling up roots. OK..... a full course meal of nuggets awaits me this week!

June 11, 2009

All Dressed Up and Out on the Town!

Austin & Abby went to her prom the end of May. Austin rented his FIRST ever tux and off they went to "A Night In Paris"! Sounds like fun doesn't it!?! Here they are all ready to go.....

Last Weekend....

Last weekend we hosted a clinic to teach people how to use the mobile processing unit. (Basically, it is a horse trailer with killing cones attached to the inside of the doors, an electric feather plucker and other supplies; table, corrals-pens, fryer pot, propane burner etc.)

We belong to a small, but state wide organinzation that helps beginner & small farmers! This is one of the pieces of equipment that can be rented for use! :) In order for others to rent it, they need to be shown how the stuff is used properly..... that is where we come in! We house it, rent it and hold training clinics each year!!

We had maybe 12 people here Saturday morning ...... lots of fun! OK, if you remove yourself from the actual activity, and focus on meeting new people who have a common goal which is: raise our own food! It is fun to hear the stories, compare notes and trade ideas!!

After we were all done and cleaned up, one of the men was able to teach us how to process two of our rabbits. I know.... DON'T get all worked up, it was quick & easy! I was able to do most of it!!
For our first dish, I used a friend's recipe for chicken pie and substituted rabbit for chicken! I have to say.... the meat is very mild, very tender and very good! There is a difference, but not a bad difference. Will we do this again? Well, voting from all 6 eaters in our family say YES!

FYI: none of the rabbits that you have seen on this blog were 'processed'. :) Thus far, our policy is that if they have names.... they stay on the farm!