June 23, 2009

It is Official.....

June 19th at 7PM (or shortly thereafter...) Audrey & Austin graduated from high school. I LOVE this picture of them together! How special it must be to go through life celebrating the highest points with a twin! They are so sweet! Ya, I know..... I'm the Mom, I'm suppose to think this way right?! Well, ya... but it is also true! :)

What does next year hold for them?? Hmmm, that is the million dollar question! Austin plans to take the next year to work & SAVE money while pursuing his music. He is interested in a school in Florida... MMI (Motorcycle Mechanic Institute) and maybe by this time next year, he'll ready to go. Audrey is looking into some online courses and also taking photography courses a tech. school. Eventually, she'd like to work with young children!

CONGRATULATIONS AUDREY & AUSTIN! We are proud of you both!!


michelle5959 said...

A little late but I'm proud of them too! To see them when they were little to the wonderful young adults they are now is a blessing to me too. All the hard work you have put in as "Just the Mom" is amazing! So, Congratulations to all of you!


Beth M said...

I'm a little late on commenting!! Congratulations to both Austin and Audrey!! It's so hard to believe that they are all growing up. It's happening too fast!! I can't believe Kara will be leaving us in a month. At least I will still have Alex at home but it just won't be the same around here. I will be able to move my craft stuff up into the loft and out of the livingroom since Alex will be moving to Kara's room when she leaves.