January 27, 2009

Honduras.... They're Back!

Pete, Audrey & Austin walked in about 4AM Tuesday morning (1/20). They were exhausted from a full day of travel and ready for a long 'nap'! They had a wonderful time.... Austin (in the brown t-shirt) & Shane sitting in the white t-shirt are helping out in the pharmacy during one of the clinics!Pete & Austin are helping out at the pharmacy during another clinic!
Pete is keeping the head steady for the dentist as she pulls a tooth! Shane is holding the flashlight so she can see!

Audrey has befriended a teen that she met last year named Cindy. She is wearing the necklace that Audrey brought down to give to her!

Austin & Kevin found each other again this year! This is the little guy that was Austin's shadow last year! They had fun re-discovering each other.....

As you can see.... lots of work, lots of fun, LOTS OF LOVE! Before each of the clinics, Paz (the dentist) would preach a gospel message sharing the love of Jesus. This year they had close to 100 people come to know the Lord.

Honduras.... Look at These Precious Eyes!

Aren't these children precious ......

This little girl is smiling after seeing her own image on the digital camera!

The team brought down the game Twister..... no words necessary to have lots of fun!!

Audrey with a sweet little girl......Austin talking with Zeke at one of the clinics!

Honduras..... Beautiful Land, Beautiful People!

I don't think words are needed to see the depth of beauty!

January 18, 2009

"Same Kind of Different As Me"

Here is a quick but PROFOUND book that you must take the time to read! On the recommendation of my good friend, Kristy, in TX (A friend since kindergarten!) I began my search for this book! I didn't want to buy it from Amazon 'cuz I wanted it in my hand to thumb through! (I know, it would have been much quicker just to order it!) Can you believe she was actually blessed to hear the co-authors, Denver Moore & Ron Hall speak in Abilene..... an awesome event for sure!
After searching through Borders, BJ's, Walmart and the Chrisitan book stores since September, I FINALLY found it at the Tilton Walmart in the book section! HURRAY! I had been looking for this book for a long time, so I bought all three copies immediately! :)

I don't want to spoil the book.... but I'll tell you this, you won't be able to put it down, other then to search for a tissue!

January 6, 2009

Thursday is the BIG DAY!

This Thursday, January 8th, Pete, Austin and Audrey will be leaving Logan Airport and arriving in Houston, TX at about 8PM where they will board another plane headed for Honduras at 9AM on Friday!

They are all excited and 'almost' ready to go! In Audrey's words, "If I pack too soon, I'll only have to unpack to make sure I have everything! SO, I wait till the night before to pack!" She calls herself a stress packer! LOL I guess this way she won't have alot of extra stuff packed that she won't use.... like alot of us 'think & list packers' would pack JUST IN CASE!! Her system works for her it would stress me out! :)

Please be praying for them in their travels..... pray that all the 'team stuff' (medicines, clothes, glasses, etc) gets through customs easily and isn't 'lost', pray that they remain in GOOD HEALTH (That the winter head colds & coughs as well as the 'famous stomach stuff' that often accompanies travellers misses them.) And most of all, please pray that God will use their willing hearts & hands to bless the people of Honduras!

The team has had some hard times over past couple of months The original number of people that were planning to go was 13 and is now at 10!! (Of those who have dropped out, 2 are health related and 1 was a school issue). The team leader has struggled with serious back pain issues for the past 3 months and PRAYERFULLY will be OK'd by the doctor today! (If not, they'll be going with 9... but, please pray that Roger is ok'd!!)

**WHOO HOOO... Roger was ok'd by his doctor! He will be going WITH medical approval! THANK YOU GOD! :)

As I did last year, I will keep you updated with their 'SAFE' arrival info!! THANKS for your never ending love & support! I can't wait to hear and then share the stories & see the pictures!!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year With Ana-Sapphira


Let me introduce you to Ana-Sapphira! (Austin, Travis, Doug, Jordan & John) They are a group of Christian guys who like Christian Metal! They've been practicing and writing their own stuff over the past few months. Personally, I'm not a fan of that style of music, but I have to admit, they are REALLY good! No, not because two of the five guys are my sons, but because they are musically tight and they've been learning to put God as the head of their music!Austin is the bass player for Ana-Sapphira. They've been practicing for the past few months and have taken it very seriously!
Travis was invited in and was suppose to be working sound, but somehow ended up on guitar instead! (or maybe in addition, I'm not sure!) He's had fun learning the songs and contributing to the new ones! These guys have been praying together, eating together, playing together for a while now.... they played their first 'gig' (show) on New Year's Eve in Berlin, NH! They were invited to play for a church youth group along with 2 other groups! WOW.... they were EXCITED! :) (We all were!)
As it turned out, the other two groups coming out of MA got snowed in....and couldn't make it! So, instead of being an opener band.... they were the OPENER & THE CLOSER! After the stress of what they were facing, they put themselves to the test and had fun!
They stopped just shy of midnight 11:58PM and opted to pray the crowd into the New Year instead of playing them in! They are a great group of guys being led by an awesome God!