January 6, 2009

Thursday is the BIG DAY!

This Thursday, January 8th, Pete, Austin and Audrey will be leaving Logan Airport and arriving in Houston, TX at about 8PM where they will board another plane headed for Honduras at 9AM on Friday!

They are all excited and 'almost' ready to go! In Audrey's words, "If I pack too soon, I'll only have to unpack to make sure I have everything! SO, I wait till the night before to pack!" She calls herself a stress packer! LOL I guess this way she won't have alot of extra stuff packed that she won't use.... like alot of us 'think & list packers' would pack JUST IN CASE!! Her system works for her it would stress me out! :)

Please be praying for them in their travels..... pray that all the 'team stuff' (medicines, clothes, glasses, etc) gets through customs easily and isn't 'lost', pray that they remain in GOOD HEALTH (That the winter head colds & coughs as well as the 'famous stomach stuff' that often accompanies travellers misses them.) And most of all, please pray that God will use their willing hearts & hands to bless the people of Honduras!

The team has had some hard times over past couple of months The original number of people that were planning to go was 13 and is now at 10!! (Of those who have dropped out, 2 are health related and 1 was a school issue). The team leader has struggled with serious back pain issues for the past 3 months and PRAYERFULLY will be OK'd by the doctor today! (If not, they'll be going with 9... but, please pray that Roger is ok'd!!)

**WHOO HOOO... Roger was ok'd by his doctor! He will be going WITH medical approval! THANK YOU GOD! :)

As I did last year, I will keep you updated with their 'SAFE' arrival info!! THANKS for your never ending love & support! I can't wait to hear and then share the stories & see the pictures!!

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