September 14, 2009

An Amazing Whale Watching Adventure!

Yesterday we went on a whale watching ride! We traveled down to Rye, NH to the marina in order to go out on the ocean with Granite State Whale Watch. What a fabulous day to be out on the ocean! We passed by the lighthouse on White Island (I'm pretty sure I have that name correct) in the Isles of Shoals. We traveled out for about 2 hours which translates into approximately 25 miles. On the ride we saw a pod of around 70 white-sided dolphins swimming & jumping around and then we saw 5-6 fin whales blowing & surfacing for us!! It was incredible!!AND THEN WE SAW HIM.... a beautiful (if that is possible) humpback whale! He is known as Tigris and he was born in 1984 making him 25 years old. He was in an amazingly playful mood and he kept us all entertained for probably an hour!! He would surface & blow and dive under the boat ... bumping it a couple of times for fun, and then come up on the other side of the boat!! He was so close that we could feel the spray as he blew a couple of times!! :)
See how his fin is kinda green looking! That is because of the plankton & other food that was sooo thick in the water for the whales to eat! Here is just coming up from under the boat... He dove a couple of times and lifted his tail out of the water for us to see!! Eventually, we had to leave this amazing spot and head back to shore. We were out from 2-7:30PM and watched a gorgeous sunset!! WOW doesn't even begin to describe this trip!!
Here we are at the end of the day, just getting off the boat chilly & tired!! BUT... fully pumped! I think this will have to be the beginning of a family tradition! Defnately a trip like this should be put onto your 'Bucket List' if you have one!!