July 20, 2012

Salt... the Cookie Reality Check!

I've been looking at the things I buy
for sodium content...

It never dawned on me to look at
the salt container to read how much
sodium is in each serving!

1/4 tsp of iodized salt has 590mg of sodium!

My chocolate chip cookie recipe calls
for 1 tsp. of salt which means I'm
adding 2360mg of sodium!!


Have you ever checked out baking soda??

I've been baking since I was
about 10 years old.... 
and I've NEVER read the
nutrition facts of baking soda!

Serving size is 1/8 tsp and
the sodium content is 150mg.

Again, that same cookie recipe
calls for 1 tsp. which means I'm
adding another 1200mg of sodium!

SO... for a recipe that makes maybe
36 cookies that is 3560mg of SODIUM!!

You do the math....  3560/36
means each cookie has
98.88888 (or 99mg) of
sodium per cookie!

(AND, that's only if there are NO other
ingredients with sodium in them!)


Maybe I'm over reacting, but
that seems like a lot to me!

July 17, 2012


Austin, Travis, Melanie, Pete, Audrey
taken Father's Day Sunday
June 17, 2012

Have I got news for you!
Our daughter is getting ready for a
6 month missions trip to Cameroon, Africa!

She is excited and we are excited (and yes, nervous)
for her!! I will keep you updated as she
gets ready for this amazing adventure!

She has started a blog to journal her
preparation & adventures!
Check it out!!

July 15, 2012

Happy Sunday!

As you listen to the
David Crowder Band...
remember how much God loves you!

He loves us, oh how He loves us!

July 3, 2012

Ahhh, Finally Made It to the Maine Coast....

Audrey & I were blessed to spend a
few days on the Maine coast with
some friends!

The sounds....

 and sites,...

 and walks....

 and sandcastles....

and more relaxing sounds....
were SOOOO wonderful!

(Not to mention the pool, cards,
friends, laughter, food, and fun!)

We're ready to go back again!