February 14, 2009

Meet Our Newest Bunny... RUBY!

Isn't she sweet! We swapped 'Ava' (now Abraham) :) for a pure bred Californian Doe!! We thought we brought home 2 New Zealand does and 1 buck... but lo & behold, we had 3 bucks!! YIKES... So now we have Max (not Maggie) and Silas (the one we KNEW was a buck for sure!) and Ruby!! She has some catching up to do but I'm thinking by early summer she should be full size! And the search begins again to find a NZW doe!!
Hopefully, by mid March we'll be able to post pictures of new baby bunnies! Hazel & Sookie should kindle around March 4th!

February 10, 2009

Are Flamingos a Sign of Spring?

I wouldn't have expected it, but it is true.... there's been a 'flamingo' sighting on I93 in NH! :) Actually, back in January, on one of my trips back from Concord (heading northbound), I noticed something on one of the mile markers..... it was a flamingo! I burst out laughing and wondered who would stop to put a plastic flamingo on the highway!? Then a couple of days later it was gone before the idea came to me to take a picture.... oh well!

Then, last week, while heading south to Concord, I saw it again!! LOL Today, I stopped to take a picture so I can prove that I'm NOT seeing things, nor am I crazy (ok, it's debatable)! Someone is definitely making this road trip 2X a day a little more fun! :) I wonder how long it will be up and where it will show up next?! :)