February 10, 2009

Are Flamingos a Sign of Spring?

I wouldn't have expected it, but it is true.... there's been a 'flamingo' sighting on I93 in NH! :) Actually, back in January, on one of my trips back from Concord (heading northbound), I noticed something on one of the mile markers..... it was a flamingo! I burst out laughing and wondered who would stop to put a plastic flamingo on the highway!? Then a couple of days later it was gone before the idea came to me to take a picture.... oh well!

Then, last week, while heading south to Concord, I saw it again!! LOL Today, I stopped to take a picture so I can prove that I'm NOT seeing things, nor am I crazy (ok, it's debatable)! Someone is definitely making this road trip 2X a day a little more fun! :) I wonder how long it will be up and where it will show up next?! :)


Rebecca Kirkland said...

haha! That is brilliant:)Poor thing is kind of a bit North huh? :)
Come on Spring...

michelle5959 said...

Well, if it's a sign of Spring, next time you stop at mile marker 56 could you just lift that little thing and bring it about 30 miles North??? We could use some more Spring Sun! :)

Melanie said...

It's missing again! LOL I was looking for it yesterday (Sunday) on our way to church, and someone took him. :((( HOPEFULLY, he'll reappear on the northbound side soon!

It is kinda silly..... but it does make the ride down and back 2X a day more interesting!!