January 27, 2009

Honduras.... They're Back!

Pete, Audrey & Austin walked in about 4AM Tuesday morning (1/20). They were exhausted from a full day of travel and ready for a long 'nap'! They had a wonderful time.... Austin (in the brown t-shirt) & Shane sitting in the white t-shirt are helping out in the pharmacy during one of the clinics!Pete & Austin are helping out at the pharmacy during another clinic!
Pete is keeping the head steady for the dentist as she pulls a tooth! Shane is holding the flashlight so she can see!

Audrey has befriended a teen that she met last year named Cindy. She is wearing the necklace that Audrey brought down to give to her!

Austin & Kevin found each other again this year! This is the little guy that was Austin's shadow last year! They had fun re-discovering each other.....

As you can see.... lots of work, lots of fun, LOTS OF LOVE! Before each of the clinics, Paz (the dentist) would preach a gospel message sharing the love of Jesus. This year they had close to 100 people come to know the Lord.


michelle5959 said...

Oh it's wonderful! What a blessing for the people there and for your family to have been a part of such good work! I love the pictures of the children/kids with your kids. The faces of children say so much!

Great job!! Welcome back HOME too!

Rebecca K said...

Wow! I love all of these pictures:) What a beautiful project to work on...the lovely photos make me want to go help!