November 21, 2007


Just in case I don't get online to wish all of you a "Happy Thanksgiving" I want to do it now! I pray that each of you who reads this will take time to count your blessings..... whether big or small the Lord God gave them all to you!

This is a special season when we should all stop and look back over the past year.... Whether it was an easier or more difficult year than in the past .... there are people, situations and things we ALL have to be thankful for!

I always remember my father in law especially during this time of year.... he was a humble, quiet man who went about life working hard for his family and would help others as he could! He worked many a Thanksgiving plowing the roads so that others could be safe!! Every year he would make a comment that "If it snows on Thanksgiving, it won't snow on Christmas." :) I am thankful for the example he gave my husband of what it is to be a good man....
This will be the 3rd Thanksgiving without him..... but his legacy of love lives on! This picture of the kids with Pete's mom & dad was taken on Thanksgiving afternoon 1996! He sure hated to have his picture taken... but for the grandkids, he'd do almost anything! :)

Don't get worked up over all the details of the day, but rather enjoy the love of your family and friends around you! Remember to let those you love know just how much you love them.... don't assume that they already know! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

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Hey Melanie,
Have a good Thanksgiving too! Nice blog -- so glad to meet someone who is homeschooling. I was homeschooled/am being homeschooled and enjoy every minute! You can check out my blog, too -- it's: