November 8, 2007


Since my last post we have had two more decisions to go to Honduras! Both Austin & Pete have joined the team and will be heading south in January too! I'm excited for them and know that it will be a time for each of them to be stretched and grow in their faith!

All three applications for passports have been filed and the appointments for immunizations are on the books for November! (with boosters in December) They may feel like pin cushions by the end of all this preparation time! :)

NOW it is time for hunting down things to bring with them! FUN THINGS for them to share with the children.... soft Frisbees, flip flops, blow up balls, jacks, etc.... anything that they can tuck into their luggage and use for a bridge to have fun and bless the children! (We also need to figure out what to pack for them..... hot weather clothes for sure!)

Lots lists yet to make!!! (My kids laugh at me 'cuz I make lists to get things done! It works for me... even if it is an 'old lady' way of life.... I don't fritter away my time, lose my focus, or forget what the heck I was suppose to get done!) LOL

Have a wonderful day!

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