November 20, 2007

"Morning Has Broken....."

Morning has broken.... and the sky dumped out a load of 'white stuff'! :) We officially had our first snow storm today! It isn't a huge amount, just enough to make the driving dangerous.... 35-40 MPH up the interstate to get home.... but the beautiful sight of the snow clinging onto the branches is always a heart stopper for me!
The old wive's tale about the first snowstorm is that whatever date the first storm comes on determines how many storms we'll have for the winter season! :) SO.... according to that we should have 20 storms this year! Maybe I'll keep track this year to see just how close we get!!

Can you believe that the radio is playing CHRISTMAS music already!! Tomorrow is "Thanksgiving" and usually the Christmas music starts the day after... so much for tradition! (I have to admit.... the snow and music sure are putting me in the 'holiday mood'!) :)

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mad4books said...

Your photos are amazing! Once all of our kids are grown and gone, I'm gonna finagle (sp?) a Thanksgiving invitation out of you...and then I'm going to come enjoy all the food and beauty!

Or maybe I'll be one of those October Leaf Peepers...