October 29, 2007

God led us to a new church early September. This church bigger then we are use to and the ride is about 35-40 minutes, but it's well worth it! :) The worship time often brings tears (neither sad nor happy tears, but tears from being awed in the presense of God!) and the teaching is wonderful....

Check out the back side of their business card... pretty cool huh!! :) That message in itself is worth the 35-40 minute ride!!


bo_berrin said...

Tears of awe! I'm so glad I'm in touch with that emotion. Mine are usually during the praise & worship time at church, causing muffled sobs and much embarassment to my children. We joke that I have the spiritual gift of weeping. Music draws them out of me like nothing else. Put on a Selah CD and my make-up disappears like magic! (I dare anyone to listen to Selah's rendition of "There is a Fountain" and not cry awe-tears!)

mad4books said...

She's not kidding (see comment above). I pack tissues for her every week!


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...


For me it is "Chris Tomlin" .... WOW, that man sings as if he is singing for the Lord ONLY! (Which I truly believe he is doing... no matter how many people are in the audience!)HE HAS A POWERFUL MUSIC MINISTRY!

Maybe it is a good thing we live far apart.... You'd be packing a full box for each of us each Sunday morning!! LOL :) :) :)

bo_berrin said...

Thanks, Melanie--it's soooo good to be back! Home without internet is terribly inconvenient and I really missed connecting with friends and family, and you're both of those!

I'm so happy for you finding a church that is so encouraging and uplifting! For me, changing churches can be awkward and difficult for the flesh, but I fully believe God moves us for a purpose. If we look at the big picture, we're just spending some time with another part of His family, right?

I hope this group continues to lift your spirit and encourage your soul. :-) Keep us posted!