March 8, 2009

New Babies...

Hazel is checking out her babies!
Here's a quick peek! They are about a day old here.... we took a quick count, I think we saw 9 or 10 babies! YIKES!!

Here they are at 5 days old! (Update: We counted 11 babies, WOW!! Unfortunately, 2 of them died.)
Their eyes opened around 10 days old and here's a 2 week old picture that we took with a cellphone camera! A few of them have started jumping out of the nesting box... but they can't get back in! :) We carefully pick them up and put them back in, wearing a glove and under the watchful eye of 'Mama Hazel'!


American Way Farm said...

I just love the way rabbits make their nests with all that soft fur to snuggle their babies. Way cute! -Sandy

mad4books said...

Seriously! It looks like they're resting in a fluffy cloud.

Congrats, "Grandma Blake!"