March 1, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Audrey & Austin!

Today is a day of celebration in our family!! This is the day we celebrate the gift of two amazing children! Ok, maybe they aren't technically 'children' anymore... but they will always be so in our hearts! :) I love this picture... it is actually posted on my refigerator!! :) They are about 2 1/2 yrs. old and donning new sweaters that my mom had knitted for them!
We had a wonderful day! The day started with a surprise phone call from friends in Austria!! What a blessing that was! :) Then we went to church together (Austin left early as he was playing in the worship team). After church we went to "The Weathervane" for a seafood dinner! The day was finished up with cake and ice cream! Austin requested his usual favorite 'Jello-Cake' and Audrey actually made her own cake this year... trying to duplicate a 'coffee' cake (not to be confused with a coffee-cake) that they had in Honduras! (IT WAS YUMMY!)

This picture was taken this past summer at my mom's church! They have grown up from the cute little toddlers into wonderful young adults! You are blessings to us! We love you!! Happy Birthday Audrey & Austin!!

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