January 1, 2011

Getting Organized!! It Isn't as Hard as I Thought it Would Be!

Let's face it...  I'm a magazine collector.
I enjoy reading the articles, dreaming and planning for
my next craft or meal. I have a stack of magazines (current reads) 
and some in boxes that have awesome ideas in them!!
 I even have a few magazines that
were my mother's before me!
Can you believe that?!

A few friends explained how they are 'kicking the clutter'
habit. I decided to take the plunge too! After all...  in most
of the magazines that I've saved, there are only a few
articles that I really wanted to save anyways!!

I bought myself a 2" three ring binder and LOTS
of plastic sheet protectors!

I went through some of the various magazines that I've
saved and carefully tore out the pages that I want
to save. Now, I'm organizing them in the
page protectors. I'll cut some file folders in half to use
 as section dividers that I can label for
ARTICLES, IDEAS or whatever
else I come up with!

You thought I was kidding?? This Family Circle 
magazine was from
June 9, 1981 and sold for 65 cents!

Check this out! After maybe 3 hours of 'work' and a dozen
plus magazines later, I'm only keeping a few intact and have
a nice pile for the trash! One stack gone... lots more to go!

NOW, as one of my friends puts it,
I have a 'Happy Place Book' to look through with
all of my favorite 'feel good' things and ideas!

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Mntmoose Happenings said...

ahh.. wish I'd heard of this sooner...I just threw out a bunch of magazines.. cuz I never got around to doing anything with them! Looks good!Great idea.

mad4books said...

Oh, now it's time to come help organize ME!