January 28, 2011

             (Photo credit  EPA/NASA)

Twenty-five years ago today, January 28th. I remember where I was. I was working at the Pemi bank in downtown Plymouth as a teller. We had the radio on and we were all listening to the excitement as the Challenger was readying take off! This time, the shuttle was carrying one of New Hampshire's very own...  Christa McAuliffe, a school teacher!

Then, not very long after take off the unthinkable happened....  it exploded. It just exploded in front of family and friends and spectators all around the United States. The bank became silent as we stayed focused on helping our customers. I remember being very relieved that I had to work that weekend, as that day I only had to stay till noon! I spent the day at a friends' house cuddling with her son Bradley and watching the news casters replay and try to figure out what went wrong.

The day is one of those that we remember forever. I may not remember the exact date or time, but I will always remember the emotion of the day and the name of a beloved school teacher from NH.

Dream big, Love bigger and Live each day as if you'll meet God face to face at anytime!

Commander Dick Scobee, Pilot Michael J. Smith,  Mission Specialist Ellison Onizuka, Mission Specialist Judy Resnik, Mission Specialist Ron McNair, Payload Specialist Gregory Jarvis, and Payload Specialist and Teacher Christa McAuliffe.

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mad4books said...

ACU's Education Building had it on, and all the future teachers were watching. We got real quiet, too.

It was a devastating day...