January 17, 2011

Memory Lane Monday

You'll never guess what I found over the weekend?!
Mrs. Turner's Doughnut recipe....  

Mrs. Turner was our beloved kindergarten teacher! For
those of us who were fortunate enough to be in her class,
we were treated with her home baked goodies occassionally!
Does anyone remember the doughnuts? Do you remember the
classroom, any of the activities? Please share....

I've had this cookbook (the Plymouth Bicentennial Cookbook '76)
forever and have only just now discovered this page!
My cookbook has become a 'loose leaf edition' from
all of its use.  This page is now an even more cherished
and protected part of my recipe collection!
I think I'll be making these delicious treats one day soon!


Anne said...

I think I recollect your dear husband, Peter referencing your "loose leaf edition" as random organization?! {LOL}

I -have to have- a copy of this particular cookbook! Love my Plymouth Congregational copy with the lovely ladies from my childhood... memory lane is a wonderful and comforting place.


Turtle Mom said...

I do not remember the donuts or any home-baked goodies, but I do remember Mrs. Turner! Were you in the am or pm class Mel? I was in the pm class. I remember we made some kind of a "booklet" and in it wrote that my cat Lucy scratched Glenn Clark. I think I must have brought Lucy to school for show and tell or something similar. I had that booklet up until mom moved off Fairgrounds Road at which point I think it got thrown away (I was at UNH when she moved). I also remember having tomato soup at Janice Wilkinson's house before school and then we would walk over to Ricky Greene's and get a gumball from his Mickey Mouse gumball machine before we all walked to school together. I would love to have a copy of that cookbook! I think Terri may have our copy as she actually participated in the time capsule done at the same time. Thanks for the memories Mel!

Patty Topp

Melanie said...

Patty, I don't remember having donuts in class either. But, I do remember the wooden birthday cakes, followed by cupcakes & a birthday card from her!(I think I still have her card in a scrapbooks!) I was in the morning class for the beginning of the year and then was swtiched to the afternoon class. I do remember bringing my cat "Joey" to class for show and tell too! LOL So many fond memories...

I've been looking for an extra copy of the cookbook on ebay etc. but haven't come acrossed one yet! I bet if one is to be found, it will be at a local yardsale. Check with Terri... you'd have alot of fun poking through the recipes and remembering people from back then!

mad4books said...

I'm with Anne...strolling down Memory Lane is a comforting place, even if I have absolutely NO recollection of a single doughnut from our favorite kindergarten teacher!