August 22, 2011

Ziploc Vacuum Freezer System

After seeing the Ziploc Vacuum system, I thought I'd
give it a try. The cost wasn't too bad...
(If I'm remembering correctly, it was
only $2.99 for the pump & 3 bags
and maybe $3.99 for a dozen bags!)
and they are available at the grocery store.

The bags are a different texture then the regular or
freezer Ziploc bags and they have a little patch
 in the upper corner.

After the bags are filled, you zip it shut and put the
plunger to the corner. It works like a bicycle pump,
work the plunger until the air it gone!
Wipe off a little bit of juice
and viola... it is ready for the freezer!

I don't know how these bags will compare to other
freezer, air tight bag systems. But it was easy
to use! I'll let you know....  

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