August 15, 2011

Purple Plus Green Equals... Green!

If you've ever taken an art class... you know this
is just NOT going to work out on a palette..

but, in the garden & canning world,
it's a different story!

We planted green & purple bush beans and no,
I don't remember the specific names... but they
are fun & pretty to watch grow!

(FYI: Green beans have white flowers &
purple beans have a light purple flower!)

We've picked & canned quite a few already, but
Sunday afternoon they were ready to pick again!
I don't know how many this is... maybe
1/2 to 3/4 of a bushel or so.

 Toby LOVES veggies from the garden!
He is intently watching Pete's hands
just waiting for him to toss a tail or two his way!
He's such a funny dog...  lucky for him, there
were some beans that were just too big!

Here they are
 all cut up and in the jars!
Aren't they pretty!
Now, off to the canner they go.... 

 25 minutes in the canner at
10 pounds of pressure for quarts!
(20 minutes at 10 pounds for pints)

The cool thing about the purple beans...
when they are cooked, they turn green!
They are tasty & tender and hard to
tell the difference once they are cooked!
From this pile of beans we canned
12 quarts & 9 pints!

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Kathi said...

Interesting! I would never have suspected they would turn green.