August 17, 2011

Introducing Lilly

Here's Lilly

She is an eight year old mini -
dachshund that needed re-homing.

Toby and Lilly made friends
pretty quickly! 

Well we got through the first 24 hours....
I think she'll be just fine!


Kathi said...

She's really cute! I hope she "takes" in your family.

Melanie said...

So far so good! The third night was the charm... or should I say the CRATE was the charm! She is wonderful all day long, quite easy to communicate with (easy to read her needs/wants) and has been well trained from her previous owner. The ONLY thing that I have hard time with is her sleeping habits... I'm used to BIG dogs who sleep on the floor. She is used to sleeping on the bed, under the covers in the middle! LOL Needless to say, that plan was foiled! The crate is a wonderful answer... WE ALL SLEPT MUCH BETTER!! I think she is a keeper! :)