August 8, 2011

Ana Sapphira at Soulfest...

 Travis & Austin
playing together in their band
Ana Sapphira
at Soulfest in
Gilford, NH
Travis, John, Doug, Austin
(Jordan is to the right of Austin)
on stage... playing for a large
crowd of over 500 people!
Austin & Jordan

It was so much fun to watch them play.
They have matured in their music and
have gotten really tight as a band!
The end of this week they go on
tour... NH, VT, NY,
with another local band.
PLEASE keep them in prayer ....
as a mom, of course I think of all the
'obvious' things like
but the unseen and less obvious things
could be even 'more important'.
Please pray for the dynamics of the band
members while traveling together.
For their witness as Christian young men.
For their dealings with the other musicians.
For WISDOM in the decisions that
need to be made, etc.
It is awesome to see how God is using these guys!
Yes, I'm a proud mom. It is fun to see
them grow and mature!
Curious as to their style?
Go to youtube! 

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