February 21, 2007

Ever Been "WOWWED" By Your Child's Talent?!

Travis has spent the last 6 months or so working on the interior finish of a log cabin with my father. It has been a 'building trades' or 'life skills' type of class for school credit as well as a wonderful, priceless opportunity for both of them to treasure forever in terms of the "deeper relationship building"! The exterior walls and roof were done by someone else, but they built all the interior walls, interior doors, closets, window & door trims etc....

Off and on over the last few months, Travis has come home telling
us how his day has gone and what projects he has been working on! I would smile and listen and relish the time he has had to learn ... but it never really 'sunk in' just what caliber of work he was TRULY doing!! I'm not sure if you can really tell in this picture or not... but the ceiling over the shower & toilet area are dropped lower then the rest of the ceiling area. This was one of Travis's ideas and he was allowed to implement it! (The reason was to hide the pipes from view!) He also did all the trim work around the tiles and the window and laundry shoot... not to mention fitting all the horizontal pine boards in for the walls floor to ceiling!!

Last Sunday, the couple who had hired them, held a 'House Blessing"
ceremony and invited us to attend and to check it out! Needless to say... my mouth dropped open even at entering their home!! We were given the 'grand tour' and Travis added a few comments here and there. I have to honestly admit that I UNDER ESTIMATED HIS GIFTS & TALENTS IN THIS AREA!! Check out the rail going upstairs!! My dad had the idea and he had Travis do the cutting and together they built these beautiful pine tree images!! WOW, WOW, WOW was about all I could say as I was walking around!! Can you tell I'm a proud Mama and Daughter!?! It is truly awesome to see such craftsmanship.... and especially awesome when the craftsmen are people that you love!!


bo_berrin said...

WOW is RIGHT! That's absolutely beautiful work. All the work they did shows talent, but I especially love the pine tree staircase. Great job, guys! I'm very impressed!

mad4books said...

When I win the lottery, I want Cray Construction Company on the job! ;-)

A. Sanborn said...

I'm totally not surprised... Travis has many talents as a musician, wonderful young man and now a great lil' carpenter's apprentice at the knee of his grandfather and father! I know that he has many more... *wink* Travis I love the railing with the pines... great job! Wonderful idea of concealing the pipes. As photos go... just can't possibly do the justice it deserves as in person! Love Ya Travis!