February 14, 2007

Fun In The *S*N*O*W* (3 days before the Nor' Easter!)

Last Sunday some of the kids went out on the back fields to make jumps and to snowboard & sled. Here are a couple of quick pictures that Audrey took! If you look to the right you can see a few 'teeny tiny' rooftops in the distance.... that's where we live! (plus the small barn roof, the garage roof etc.) As you can imagine, they had quite a hike to even begin all of their outdoor 'fun'!!

Audrey went out to take pictures and I'm not sure if she actually tried the run or not, but if I know her ... she did, or she will next time when she has mittens!! :) Don't her hands look frozen!! Where are your mittens!?! (Mom, I can't take pictures with mittens on besides, it wasn't that cold out!) :) :)

Here is TJ taking the jump........ It is really fun to watch them literally FLY over the jumps and bumps!! (Can you feel the pain in your knees after landing this baby?) For sure I'd NEEEED a nice hot bath or even better a hot tub! Why is 'youthful energy' wasted on the young!? LOL


A. Sanborn said...

I fully agree my friend... totally wasted! *wink* Looks like a whole lotta fun!

mad4books said...

Oh, my goodness! Your daughter is lovely. And the action shot of TJ is great! (Did she snap that one with her frozen, mitten-less fingers?)

But as pretty as it looks (and as badly as I want to visit), I'm so glad I live on the hot High Prairie...the old asthma never acts up, and it's going to be in the 60s all week next week!

(When you get all those kids grown and off to school, you need to get down here to see me smack in the middle of a New England winter.)


Oh, and it's time to help your mom set up a blog! Wouldn't it be cool if our moms blogged? They are so sweet and Spirit-filled, and it would be nice to start our mornings with uplifting messages you just *know* they would write in their online journals...

Hmmm. We need to work on that...

bo_berrin said...

Oh, I love these pictures! I feel the same way Kristy does--I LOVE living in Texas, and will probably never move away, but I get so homesick sometimes to see the mountians and deep snow. These pictures bring so many memories back.

Audrey is so pretty and looks so much like you did when we were kids! And what a photographer she is! That action shot of TJ looks like something you'd see in a magazine. I wonder if you could submit it for publishing somewhere?

While I'm pining for mountains and more snow, I'm still enjoying the balmy Texan "winter". I'll be grilling in the backyard again Thursday when it's supposed to hit 80 degrees! Come on down and I'll throw another steak on. :)