February 14, 2007

Update #2, #3 and #4 for The New 'Houseguest'

One Monday afternoon about a week after the duck's arrival, I was out feeding & watering the chickens & goats.... I had the door open to the 'milking room' which was now doubling for grain storage and Miss Ducky's nesting area. While I was filling the chicken feeder Miss Ducky took flight over my head and right out the door! TJ was within two inches of grabbing her in flight as she took off but she was just too high! She flew down towards the mailbox and then turned direction and headed towards the Sugar House.... We knew being a duck that this was a possibility and bid her farewell and safe travel! :( I don't understand why she would choose the COLDEST day of winter to take off since she was at least protected from the wind & elements... but, since I am not a duck, I am not suppose to understand!!

It was a day or two after that when Travis went outside to water & feed the goats & chickens. He was sooo funny when he came in mimmicking the barn sounds as he was telling his story... "Mom, I put the feed down for the goats and they came right over baaaing and talking and then the chickens with their baaalk, baaaking as I gave them food and put the bucket of water inside... then, coming from the back of the room I heard a 'quack'!! The duck flew back and took up residency in with the rest of the animals!!" He told us that after the goats had their drink of water, he set the duck on the edge of the bucket (a 5 gallon bucket) so she could drink too.... evidently, she took her drink then dove right in for a bath!! It was REALLY funny!!

The next day Travis came walking inside with Miss Ducky in his arms! I asked what was going on... he said well, now that she is in the other side of the barn she is able to fly out and over the fencing. She was under the kitchen window sitting on the bulkhead so I thought I'd bring her in and give her some crackers! OH MY... what did we get started!! Audrey and I took off for Driver's Ed mid-day and when I called home to 'check on the boys'... Austin told me that he could hear quacking. He opened the door and there she was... standing on the front doorstep! She waddled in and drank from Toby's water bowl!! She must have thought she had a good thing going, but the boys brought her back to 'her' section of the barn and replenished her bedding & food & water!!

We'll see what happens next....... You just never know what adventures will come our way on the 'funny farm'!! (2 'adults', 4 teens, 3 cats, 3 goats, 1 dog, 27 chickens and a duck....) As my dad says, "When you don't know what to say.... 'just smile and nod'."

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