February 20, 2007

Cupboards Half Full and Checkbook Almost Empty??

Ok, is it JUST ME or is everyone spending MORE at the grocery store and coming home with LESS! It use to take me a few trips from the van to the house carrying the big paper bags and now with the smaller plastic bags... it doesn't seem to take as long!! AND... after I put everything away the kids are still asking "Don't we have anything to eat?" (obviously popcorn or carrot sticks w/Ranch dressing don't count!!) LOL :)

I thought I'd share the cost of a few items. Just out of curiosity (if you are willing to share) are we all paying similar prices for our 'regular' purchases? (not necessarily the organic or specialty foods... sadly, they are always higher in price.)

whole milk at $2.59 per gallon (store brand)
1% milk at $2.49 per gallon (store brand)
3 lb. bag of baby carrots $4.99
1 lb. of unsalted butter quarters $2.29
11.5 oz. coffee $3.99 (Melitta Hazelnut Creme)
12 oz. coffee $3.69 (Harmony Bay French Vanilla)
8 oz. Pepto Bismol Max. (Liquid) $4.99
Broccoli Crowns (fresh) $1.49 lb.
12 oz. pkg. white mushrooms (fresh) $1.79
Dannon 12 pack of yogurts $3.56 (Light & Fit 4 oz. cups)

Why is it that heading in for a few things 'never' happens!! It is always after a minimum of $100 later that I can see my van again and head for the hills! Is there something in the lighting or a subliminal message being spoken over the loudspeaker "Hey you in aisle 5, you forgot the cereal... and now that I have your attention, check out the sale in the next aisle!" LOL :) Am I the ONLY crazy one out there that is wondering 'who is upping the prices' at the registers? And why I don't see the 'grocery store fairy' that keeps adding food into my cart that WAS NOT on my list!? LOL :)

Hmmm, I wonder if the grocery stores did away with shopping & delivering groceries to homes because we'd all spend LESS?! :) Not to mention the savings at the pumps!! (MAYBE they are working together!) LOL!! Last Wednesday I paid $2.17 (low grade) and then on Saturday it was up to $2.21(low grade) OUCH! Would this be because of the public school vacations this week and next?? :(

I'll step down from my soap box for now! Obviously, you can hear my sarcasm, but please believe me when I say, I do count my blessings!!! We are blessed in our country to have many, many groceries on the shelves to choose from!!! (MOST 3rd world countries do not!) I am thankful that my husband is employed, I am thankful that we can raise vegetables and chickens for eggs and chickens and turkeys for meat! I am SOOOO thankful for the blessings and freedoms that we do have... Ok, I'm down and off the box now. I truly hope that your grocery store prices are healthier for your checkbook then ours are for us!! :) New goal......??? STICK TO WHAT IS ON THE LIST OR SEND SOMEONE ELSE WITH MY LIST AND CASH!!

Have a blessed week!!


bo_berrin said...

I feel your pain. Kevin and I were discussing this very thing this morning. I think part of the problem is the fact that oil is over $59/barrel, and since it costs more to truck the groceries in, it shows up at the check-out line and comes out of our pockets.

What I don't understand is how our produce and gasoline here in Texas are just as expensive as yours in New Hampshire. We're right next door to Mexico where much of the produce is grown, and Breckenridge is an oil town! Everywhere you look there's an oil pumpjack. Throw a rock, hit a pumpjack. There's one in the parking lot of the movie theater, one next to the playground at the elementary school, there's one inside the fence of the high school football stadium, right behind the bleachers, there are two at the snow cone stand, etc., etc. It's actually kinda cool, but you'd think gas would be cheaper here since we produce the oil, but nope. Not much cheaper, anyway.

Here's what I found on my latest grocery receipts to compare with yours:

2% Milk -- $2.79 and $2.99/gallon
Eight O'Clock Whole Bean Coffee -- $3.99/12 oz. bag
"Seriously Sweet" Grape Tomatoes - $3.99/lb. (Had a coupon, got for free!)
Echrich Breakfast Sausage -- $2.50/lb.
Green Bell Peppers -- two for $1.00
Sweet Yellow Onions -- $0.59/lb.
"Broccoli Wokly" fresh broccoli florets 12 oz. bag -- $2.49 (a rare purchase; normally I buy the head of broccoli and chop it myself)

On the bright side, I can drive an hour to the nearest Sam's Club and get these prices:

Butter - $1.87/lb.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese - $2.03/lb.
Center Cut Pork Loin (Boneless) Chops - $2.48/lb.
Lean Ground Beef (90/10 grade) - about $2.10 lb.
Fresh Strawberries - $3.44/lb. (another rare purchase!)

The cheapest gas in Breckenridge right now is $2.09 per gallon, and I don't know how that station is doing it, since everybody else in Breckenridge is charging $2.17 and up.

Here's a handy site for finding the cheapest gas near you. It tracks credit card purchases for gasoline and reports the prices paid per gallon in any given zip code:

Enter your zip code before you leave the house, and you'll know where to head for gas that day.

When I was in the extremely busy college/working/single mom phase of my life, Kristy turned into the Grocery Fairy and actually did my shopping for me and it DID save me money, not to mention time. I don't know what I'd have done without her. Even though I still occasionally ended up with some things that weren't on my list.

"FLAXSEED FIBER CRISPS??? What the heck are Flaxseed Fiber Crisps? I didn't have those on my list. I don't think I can put those in my mouth. And where are the Cheetos?"

"No, really Karen, the Flaxseed Fiber Crisps were half the price of Cheetos, and they're GOOD for you! Try them with the hummus!"

"What the heck is HUMMUS???"

Seriously, she only departed from the list when she found a REALLY good deal on something we REALLY ought to be eating anyway, but I never miss an opportunity to tease her!

This is quite possibly the LONGEST blog comment in history. You definitely hit a nerve with this post!

Melanie said...

Hey Karen, I'm gonna try that gas station site.... I'll let you know how I make out!! This afternoon I noticed the prices were up to $2.23!! (That is up 6 cents in less than a week!)I think you have a good point about the oil prices... and the cost of trucking the produce etc. BUT... again, why aren't you reaping the benefits of being 'neighbors' to the ones producing the veggies & oil!! :)

OH MY... KRISTY, KRISTY, KRISTY... what was she thinking "FLAXSEED FIBER CRISPS"! LOL :) I don't think I'd have bought them ... on or off my list!! I say... TEASE ON!

I found a BJ's Warehouse receipt (similar to Sam's Club)about 20 minutes south of us....

whole milk $2.50
1% milk $2.36
stew beef $2.99 lb.
hambg. 80/20 $2.19 lb.
sweet potatoes $2.99 (4 lb)
Ritz (40 oz box) $5.29
Saltines (3 lb. box)$3.99
sugar (Domino 10lb) $4.59

I guess the bottom line is that we are paying about the same! :( You must have to pay for air conditioning where we pay for heating. We both pay for electricity and phone etc.... seems as though our costs of living are about the same! THANKS FOR SHARING!! :)

mad4books said...

Oh, brother. I guess I'll have to darken the door of a grocery store now so I can gather some prices. (You hardly ever have to go to the store after your kids leave home...and you can actually stop buying milk by the gallon, too!)

Oh, and "ha, ha" about the flaxseed fiber crisps. Very funny! The joke will be on you when I have the cleanest colon in the nursing home! (Eww. I just grossed myself right out...)

Changing the subject quickly, just think of how lucky we are to live in states that don't tax the food we put in our children's mouths. Karen's largest monthly bill was food, and Virginia had the nerve to charge her 4% tax on it!

Proud Texan, Soy Sister, & Fiber Fanatic,