March 2, 2007


March 1st ... a fantastic day!! Audrey & Austin are now officially 17 and the celebration has just begun! Since they both work on Thursdays..... they had to work on their birthday this year. Their fellow employees surprised them by having cake and ice cream for everyone and they got many "Happy Birthday" wishes from co-workers & customers!!

Not ONLY did they have to work on their birthday, but they also have 'Worship Team Practice' on Thursday nights.... so they literally ONLY have about 1 hour between coming home and leaving again! We made the best of it! I asked them what they wanted for dinner. I was thinking about take out Chinese, but they said it would be tooo rushed and they'd rather savor it on another night! They both thought and totally agreed on "Pesto Chicken"........ (In my mind I was thrilled... that is a quick & easy meal to make and we haven't had it in a LONG, LONG time!)

On the home front; now that I had my 'mission' I went to work........ I hit the grocery store before coming home so I'd have all the necessary ingredients!! (I also had another errand that I needed to leave home for which cut deeply into my work time!) I worked to accomplish making TWO cakes (got one almost done) and have the pesto chicken, tossed garden salad & garlic bread all done by 6PM.... phew!!

EVERYONE LOVED their dinner....... the cakes will be for Friday instead of Thursday!! (They had one at work and one at worship team practice... so to have two more would be a bit much!)Goal for the day: finish the cakes!!! Austin's 'Jello Cake' only needs the whipped cream frosting!! (It is a cake that requires baking, cooling, making jello & pouring it on the cold cake, refrigerating so the jello sets, then frosting it! Not hard at all... just time consuming!) Audrey will probably have a 'Boston Creme Cake' which also has a few steps to create..... I'll take pictures and post them AFTER the cakes are finished!!

IF we don't get the 'promised/threatened' 10-20 inches of snow today then MAYBE we can do the take-out Chinese tonight! OR MAYBE.... I'll just start now and make my own Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, General Gao's Chicken, Egg Foo Yong etc...... I sense another busy day ahead of me!


mad4books said...

Happy birthday, Audrey & Austin!

Glad you went to the store so your family can survive the "promised/threatened" snowfall. (I'd actually kind of like to be snowed in if I had a warm house and a full tummy.) :-)

Melanie said...

We did get about 12+ inches of snow... and it was really pretty! Needless to say, I did NOT leave the 'hill' and instead I made fried rice, general gau's chicken, sweet & sour chicken and plain brown rice for dinner! PLUS the cakes...... ooops... I forgot to take the promised pictures! :( SORRY!!