March 26, 2007


After 219*-220* is reached at the arch, they bring me the syrup to finish off. Basically what this means is..... we filter it again and then it goes into my stock pots to bring back up to 220* and then I can or bottle it!

There is a definate difference between 218*/219* and 220*!! These two pictures will show you ... the first one is hot but still smooth on top. In the second picture the syrup hit 220* and is boiling away! I think it is such a pretty color!! (the picture doesn't show it very well!)NOW... at this point I could let it continue to boil (WATCHING CLOSELY.... because cleaning up the stove top is a PAIN in the neck! Yes, I do know this FIRST HAND!) and it will eventually evaporate most all of the liquid out of it and become sugar.... like a brown sugar consistancy at 228*. (I reserve the ends of each batch of syrup and will reheat it to make the damp sugar at a later point!)
By 10:30 PM last night..... we have 7 1/4 gallons of syrup!!! (And the buckets are gonna be ready to empty again this afternoon!) Phew..... are you tired yet?!


mad4books said...

I love your syrup blogs!!!!!

Oh, and please tell Travis to move to Abilene and start a landscaping business. He'll make tons of money and meet the most beautiful women in America (long, tall Texans), and he could attend one of the THREE Christian colleges in town.

And I'll hire him to help me with this half-acre WEED PATCH we call a yard...

mad4books said...

Oh, and you'll have a place to crash so you can be a snowbird each winter!!!


bo_berrin said...

Wow. I never knew how much work went into making syrup! Thanks to you, I'll appreciate it so much more next time I have some.

I bet that worries you sick when the guys move that vat of hot syrup! I wonder if Pete could rig some kind of drain valve?

I'm so hungry for French toast right now. :-P

Michelle5959 said...

WOW! You should be a story teller... well, you are! :) I am so hungry for some french toast myself!! Maybe I see that on the menu for dinner tonight!! Hee! Hee! Hee!