March 2, 2007


Thursday at the end of Pete's work day, he had this conversation...... "Well, today is the twin's 17th birthday." Larry responded... "Oh ya, which one?" :) Pete smile and replied, "both of them!"

We've had some funny questions asked of us....... "Are they identical?" (knowing full well that they are BOY/GIRL twins). I KNOW that there are NO DUMB questions, but some of them sure do tickle my funny bone!! :)

The second most asked question is: "Who's older?" The answer in our house is: Audrey is older by 45 minutes!! AND.... YES, 45 minutes does make a difference!! (It does to her and did to me too!) LOL

They REALLY do have a closeness that is sometimes attributed to 'twin-ness'!! The other day Audrey was doing dishes and Austin came into the room and just stopped.... she turned around and he said to her... "Were you just thinking about Radar having a funny laugh?" (the tv was on and had just played a commercial for MASH) She said, "Ya, I was!!" LOL It happens to them quite a bit...

When they were little they used to sit across from each other at the table. Audrey would eat all her veggies and Austin would eat all of his meat then they would trade dishes and finish eating!!
Austin is still quite carnivorous (although he LOVES salads!) and Audrey still loves veggies... but will eat meat too!! :)

We just had this conversation tonight....... "REMEMBER when Austin was little.... he used to always run to dad when he came home from work and announce all the happenings of the day. He was sooo funny!" We didn't realize when he was a baby that we had named him so appropriately! Austin Peter Blake..... AKA "our little APB... All Points Bulletin!" :)
This picture is Travis about 4-5 years old, Audrey (pink) and Austin (red) about 2-3 years old!! Aren't they soooo cute!! (They HATE this picture.... but I just LOVE IT!)

What a blessing they are to us!! I can't imagine what life would be like without any of our four teens!! Perhaps a bit more quiet.... but definitely LESS in every other category!! Gotta love 'em!!

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A. Sanborn said...

LOVE the stories, LOVE them & I remember when they were this little! *wiping tears* Why do we dislike this photo Mom? I'm with you... supah cute!

plant lady *wink*