January 1, 2007

Good-Bye 2006 & Hello 2007!

2007 has ushered itself in with a bit of snow & freezing rain. Evenso, the tree behind the living room window is beautiful! The branches are coated with ice and they look like they are wearing glass gloves!! Icicles are beginning to form on the clothesline and the rock wall along the property line is covered with snow.... a truly breathtaking site! (Sorry, I can't say the same for the roads & highways!) :) It is a perfect day to stay home, watch the Tournament of Roses Parade, probably see part of a football game, enjoy munchies and maybe even put a ham in for dinner! (I'm thinking that our plans to travel 25+ miles north to spend time with friends should be put off till next weekend... :( RRRAAATS!)

It is hard to believe another full year has gone by already!! YIKES... where did the time go!?? My latest bedside reader is "Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent" by Charles E. Hummel. So far it is striking a chord within me with this one quote... "Our greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important ones." OUCH!! It goes on to say, "It raises the critical problem of priorities. We live in constant tension between the urgent and important. The problem is that many important tasks need not be done today or even this week. Additonal hours for prayer and Bible study, a visit to an elderly friend, purposeful time with a child and/or spouse: these activities usually wait a while longer. But often the urgent, though less important tasks call for immediate response and gobble up our time. Endless demands pressure every waking hour." OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! And that is only on page 10 I have a another 121 pages to go! I'm excited to read this and learn how to REAPPLY the truths of setting priorities AGAIN!!

Whatever you choose to do this New Year's Day... I hope & pray that it involves family & friends! My prayer for 2007 is that you will all "Be safe", "Be wise"," Walk with integrity","Love God with all your heart & mind" and that you will "Keep your loved ones close enough to hear their heartbeats yet far enough to allow them growth!"

God Bless You!!


A. Sanborn said...

Always enjoy what you have to say my friend! How many of us are in line to borrow that great read when you're finished? ;) Can't wait to see one of your famous recipes with a photo posted!? *wink*


mad4books said...

Wow. Were you this deep when we were in elementary school? :-)

You sound like you have your priorities in the right order, and your family is so lucky to have you! (BTW, your blog sounds a lot like my sister's, who is rededicating herself to reading Scripture daily this year.)