January 14, 2007

Finally, the 'Quilts' in living color!

About three years ago, Audrey and I took a quilting class at a local quilting shop. We had alot of fun and each made a lap quilt with the design called "March Winds" this is a pattern that calls for nine different colors for the top. I discovered that I really enjoy making them! Since taht time I have made a few lap quilts and then had the 'bright idea' that I wanted to make full/queen sized quilts for Audrey & Austin for their 16th birthday in March '06. The funny part is..... I told each of them that I was making one for the other one!! This enabled me to sew when either of them was home so that I could make progress.... they were sweet about keeping 'lookout' for the other one and even made sure I had no scraps left behind!! On their birthday I was truly able to surprise BOTH of them with a quilt!! (OK, I had the tops finished but still needed to put the backing & batting & tops together!) Audrey's quilt is on the top right made in various shades of green, yellows and white!! Austin's quilt on the left is made in blues.... dark blues, light blues and aquas. My next challange was to make Travis a quilt for his 19th birthday this past November. I had asked him what colors he likes and when he ever said 'electric green' I thought to myself... what in the world will I do with this one?! The morning Audrey & I were heading off to the fabric store God gave me a cool picture of Travis's quilt! It was to be black & white with the electric greens & an elecric blue in it! WELL... that is Travis all right!! I hoped we could find what I had in my head.... LOL I found some cool black patterns... some white w/black music notes and an awesome variety of other black & white prints! I also found a black fabric with red & green chili peppers for his backing since he is also into growing peppers and making them into pickles! He loved it! He said he wondered if he was going to get a quilt since the twins did!! It was fun to be so sneakey!! I couldn't wait for TJ's birthday in June to make his, so I finished up Travis's by mid November and got started on the next one to be done by Christmas! His quilt is made of dark reds, a variety of blues and a couple of prints! I found a navy with white stars and a neat print of all different colored pool balls! (I used the pool ball print for his backing!) The kids all like their quilts and I have to admit I was rather pleased and surprised with myself .... I started these huge projects and even MORE importantly, I FINISHED them all!! It wasn't as hard as it looks... and I want to make more!! :)


A. Sanborn said...

AWESOME job Mel! They came out great... never mind the eight or more lap quilts that were given as gifts for Christmas (2006). *wink* Now to get you back to some stamping! *wink* Who loves ya!!!

Michelle5959 said...

Good job Mel!! I LOVE the quilts too! They are so AWESOME... just like you my friend!

Quilts remind me of friends, like quilts have different pieces, that fit together to make a perfect square, friends are different people who fit to create a perfect friendship! ME :)

Michelle5959 said...

Hey! While "browsing" your blog I came across the most beautiful picture! The Farm! OM GOSH that is a wonderful picture! I just LOVE it! NH Living at it's finest! I hope you enlarge and frame that one!

mad4books said...

I. Am. Speechless.

(I can't make pancakes. You can QUILT? Seriously?)

bo_berrin said...

I'm extremely impressed! I would LOVE to be able to quilt; I've always wished I could. I'll have to take a class with my girls so we can do it together. How fun would that be? How old should they be before we do that?