January 12, 2007

Who would EVER think ....

It is the 12th of January in New England. Most years by this time my kids are planning for their first ice fishing trip! The gear generally has been sorted, lines checked, jig sticks ready, food & water, hot cocoa mix & mugs, Coleman stove & propane, mittens & hand warmers, boots & wool socks ... all the stuff needed to ensure a fun and relatively warm day out on the ice!!
You'll never believe what the boys are doing today! All three of them are playing basketball with a few other guys at the park! OUTSIDE in t-shirts playing basketball.... it's unheard of! :) They are taking advantage of the 'warm' 40* (give or take) weather while they can!! The weathermen are predicting snow for Sunday night and plummeting temperatures for next week.... I suppose then they can start looking for the mittens & boots instead of sneakers and basketballs!


A. Sanborn said...

I'm afraid that in the BIG PICTURE of things this truly isn't a good sign... I was outside in a long sleeve tee & there were over 25 ducks on the OPEN lake today! Just think... this will be a rocking chair moment for us... remember the winter of 2006/2007.... *wink*

mad4books said...

I'm with your first commenter...this can only be a bad omen in the long run.

And at the risk of sounding like an old-timer reminiscing about my uphill walks to AND from school--I'm gonna' say it, anyway--remember growing up in Plymouth and trick-or-treating in the snow?

In October?

Or the Winter Carnival statues the college kids would build across the street from my (long-gone) house on Summer Street? Some of those were twenty feet high!

P.S. I'm iced in, btw. A storm came in yesterday while we were at school, raged all night, and now my Tribute is a solid block of ice with a dusting of snow on top. When I took the dogs out this morning, I wore TWO coats and gloves, and the poor dogs (who didn't watch the forecast) hit the back porch running and slid right off! Hilarious!!