January 8, 2007

"Don't tell me God doesn't care about the small seemingly insignificant details...."

Saturday afternoon Audrey brought in the mail...... we had received a couple of packages, sales flyers and a heating bill. One of the packages was a back ordered dvd but the other package had me a bit perplexed! I recognized the return adress so I knew it wasn't something 'odd' but still wondered. I tore open the brown paper and found a second layer of wrap that said, 'some things are worth opening twice, right?' Ok, by now my curiousity is peaked! I removed that final layer of wrap and discovered a perpetual calender called "Days of Tips & Inspiration for Quilters". How did she know?? I had tried to order this for myself prior to Christmas and it was out of stock and no back order was offered!! I was dissapointed but never said anything to anyone, I didn't even comment on it to God.... but HE KNEW ANYWAYS!!! He KNEW my desire (not a need)..... as simple as it was, HE KNEW AND HE CARED ENOUGH to prompt my friend to bless me with this gift! Isn't God so cool..... I hope you can find a simple blessing in your week to re-affirm in your heart the awesomeness of God!!


mad4books said...

I love it when things like this happen...they always make me feel so LOVED! Have a wonderful year enjoying your new calendar. :-)

bo_berrin said...

God's such an affectionate father, isn't he? I heard somebody call it "postcards from God" when something like this happens. Just little I-love-you's for no apparent reason, other than to make his little girl happy. Enjoy your calendar--it will be a daily reminder of how much you're loved. :)