December 26, 2006

T'was the Day After Christmas and All Through the House....

All the 'creatures' slept in late and are currently enjoying the treats of the Holyday weekend! Today is a day of pumpkin pie for breakfast, MASH dvds, nuts & bolts (my great-grandmother's recipe for chex mix), laughter and thankfullness!!

We had a wonderful day yesterday. (Santa used to do his job and be done around midnight-1AM ... but over the years and with teenagers in the house, he has had to change his arrival till around 4-5AM!) The job was finished and another couple of hours of sleep later we all awoke to see what 'Santa' delivered!!

We arrived at my brother Marc's house by 10:30.... he, my sister-in-law Darlene and nephew Ethan age 9 live around the corner in the next town (maybe 15 minutes away). My parents beat us and were already enjoying their tea & coffee!! We had a delicious brunch for 11 of us and then shared gifts! What fun!!! Mid-afternoon we came home to put a turkey in the oven (not stuffed) then went to Pete's sister's house to visit with her & her husband and their mother!! The drive was easy and the visiting was relaxing.... and by the time we got home we were all ready for a good meal and a warm bed!!

GUESS WHAT?? We woke up this morning to SNOW!!!! No more dreaming of a "white" Christmas week!

Hope all of your Christmases were as blessed as ours was!!


bo_berrin said...

Your family Christmas celebrations sound wonderful! And SNOW??? I'm SO jealous!

Pictures, girl, give us pictures!!! Here's hoping Santa brought you a digital camera. :-)

bo_berrin said...

Yay! GREAT photos!!! Keep 'em coming!

A. Sanborn said...

Sounds like a FUN TIME was had by ALL! I love this family tradition of yours.

mad4books said...

I'm with bo_berrin! Love, love, LOVE the pictures! (The stone fence photo took my breath away.)