August 30, 2012

My Kindle

Confession time...  

I LOVE to read.
Yet, I swore I would NOT like a Kindle.
I love the feel of a good book and turning pages.
I enjoy everything about the library...
shelves filled with books and seeing the bindings all lined up...
the smell of 'books', yes, there is such a thing... I wonder if "they" could
make a candle with the relaxing scent of 'books'.  

So, my kids asked me if I would like a Kindle....
I debated it long and hard.
I did my research.
I asked book-loving friends their opinions.
I compared Kindle VS. Nook.

I decided to try it....
I got my Kindle on Mother's Day.
All I can say is.... I LOVE IT!

From Mother's Day (May 13th to today August 30th)
I have 214 books on my Kindle!
The BEST part... I haven't paid for one single book yet!
I found a couple of cool websites on FB that post
free books on a daily basis! (Yes, I'll share the sites!)
I like carrying a library of choices with me wherever I go!
I actually bought a 'book-like' cover... so I OPEN a
to start reading my Kindle!

I do miss seeing the cover & reminding myself of the
title & author each time I pick it up.
It is harder to keep track and remember when I can't see it regularly.

I had a hard time with the page turning for a while
and easily got lost if I touched the wrong spot and the
pages turned without me wanting them too.

It was hard at first NOT to be able to 'dog-ear' the page(s) for a later
date to re-read something or to keep my place.

BUT... I've learned that you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks!

Now to learn to pace myself so I don't deal with book-hangovers!

Free Books from Ereader

You're the BEST of the BEST!

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