August 18, 2012

Round Two

Here we go again!
Round two...

I know, I know!
Yes, they ARE very cute
when they are a day old!

Trust me... they are NOT so cute
at 9 or 10 weeks old.

**Just for the record**

Yes, the hatchery ships them
in these containers, usually 25 chicks to
a section. We order with a few other
families so when I take ours home,
they aren't so crowded.

Yes, they are shipped out at 1 day old.
IE: Hatched & shipped on Wednesday,
we get them EARLY on Friday!!

Yes, God is awesome the way he
designed birds! The chick is formed
from the 'white' part of the egg. Just
prior to hatching, the bird drinks in the
yolk part... all that liquid protein gives
the birds strength and durability to
get out of the shell and have the food
it needs for a day or two!!

Yes, they almost always all survive the
ride and do very well at growing!

Yes, when they arrive at the Post Office 
they are peeping and letting everyone know
that they are ready for water & grain! 

Yes, they really do arrive at the post
office and the post master 
gives an early morning phone call
letting us know they have arrived!!


I remember when I was just out of
high school....  I worked at a local bank
and one morning as I was walking to the
book keeping dept. the bank president
called to me as I was walking by his office....

"Check this out." Mr. Pettingill said to me.
"I got called from the Post Office at 4AM today
that my bees were in! He wanted to know how soon
I could come get them!"  Now, I know I was all bug-eyed
as I looked at the little buzzing box on his desk!!

He had a queen bee and her colony of 

Bees travel similarly to chicks...
1-2 days from shipping to arrival,
and they arrived all safe & sound!

He chuckled at my naive reaction...  he
was anxious to get his new 'babies' home to
their new home too! It's funny all the
things that travel through the mail!

We've thought about raising honey bees...
but, so far, it's just a thought!!

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