August 23, 2012

Dehydrating Pan Drippings

Here's a new one for you...
(Or rather, it's a new idea to me!)
Pan drippings and what to do with them!
After the pot roast was finished cooking
and I used as much of the dripping as I needed
for making gravy, I continued cooking
down the extra juices/dripping in my crockpot.
(I left an air vent when putting the cover on)

After refridgerating, I scooped off the
fat and those left behind carrots.
It is LOTS easier to 
remove at this point... 

 and then I poured
it onto the solid plastic 'fruit roll sheet'.
This has a lip so nothing will spill out and
nothing will leak through!
 Here's the chicken broth left over from
roasting a chicken ...  I did not cook
this down. I put it into the fridge so that
I could remove the fat easily.
One minute in the microwave and
then poured out onto another
solid sheet for the dehydrator!
(I did them differently to see which
way works the best for me!)
It's suppose to take about 6 hours...
but, I'll let you know!
This is suppose to look kinda like
jerky when it is done. After it's dry,
it will be cut up into roughly, 1 1/2 X 2 inch
strips and stored in Mason jars in the freezer.
These pieces become like bouillon
cubes only better!! NO SODIUM or
CHEMICALS!! Add a piece to
soup for wonderful flavoring or
add to a bit of boiling water
and thicken for gravy!!
I re-hydrated the chicken pieces
to use in gravy...  very tasty!
One thing I would do differently
is to make sure that the pieces
are totally dried! Mine weren't
dried to the point of crispness... I think
there was still some fat in the drippings
so it didn't dry as well as it should.
Maybe I didn't have the temp. high
enough, maybe I just didn't wait long
enough. I will try this again!
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