September 8, 2012

Wine Cap Mushrooms

Look at what Pete found last night!!
He was walking out past the asparagus -
mushroom bed and they caught his eye!
Can you say
'Holy mushrooms Batman?!' 
In the spring we started inoculating logs to
begin our adventures in mushrooming. What I
didn't tell you is that he also 'planted' some
wine cap mushrooms (spread the spores?) in
the asparagus bed in with wood shaving/sawdust.
Check out the above link to Field & Forest!
 Scientific name: Stropharia rugosa-annulata

We weren't sure how long it would be before
we'd see any results!

He went back out this morning and quickly
came back for the camera!
It's pretty amazing ...
Check out this cluster of mushrooms!
Myself, not a lover of fungus... still, I'm
finding this pretty cool!!
I've looked up different ways to preserve...
methods are simple!
1) Cut them up and freeze on a cookie sheet then
put them in a freezer container.
These should be used within 3 months.
2) Cut them up, blanch for 1-2 minutes, cool then freeze...
will last for up to 1 year. Add them to your soup
recipes in the last 20 minutes of cooking! (Add frozen)
3) Cut them up and saute in 2 TBsp of olive oil
or butter. Allow them to cook for about 5 minutes,
cool and put into freezer containers.
Use within 9 months.
4) Cut them up and steam them. They are suppose
to hold their flavor & texture the best using this method!
They will keep up to a year!
For more info. check out
Now I need to find some good recipes...
I'm thinking cream of mushroom soup
or a veggie soup will
allow the flavor to be appreciated!
I'll be looking around and keep you posted
as to what I find!!
Check out this Gi-Normous Grouping!
Yup.... I see mushroom farming
in our future!! (OK, right NOW!)

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