August 30, 2010

True Confessions...

True confessions of a cookbook junkie! 

"Just ONE MORE cookbook! Wow, the
price is so good! I can't leave this one behind! I'll
never remember how they made this recipe!"

When we vacation, it is fun to come home with a few
recipes native to the area.
"The Amish Cookbook"
I found in the Farmer's Marketin Bird-In-Hand, PA.

"Extending The Table"
offers lots of recipes from all over
the globe! That was definitely unique and the price was right!
I found it in our favorite Bird-In-Hand Hardware Store
in the consignment section! ($5 couldn't go wrong!)

Ok, those first two cookbooks were the easiest to justify....
the third one is a "Taste of Home THREE IN ONE cookbook"!
I have to be truthful, I found it in a local store.

But it does have beautiful pictures, thick washable pages....
and YUMMY soup & slow cooker recipes!

(It WAS the last one on the shelf! Does that work?)

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