August 27, 2010

Water Challenge... (just thinking out loud)

We don't think too much about it here in America.
We don't think about how much we use or where it is coming from.
We don't think too much about the technology that it
takes to make it come out of our faucets.

How much do you depend on it?
How far are you willing to travel for it?
Walk for it?
Pay for it?

For the past 8 years we have driven to one of the local springs
with our jugs to get drinking water. We have water at home, but we opt
to get spring water for drinking! With six drivers in the
family, it hasn't been too bad.

But, when the well runs dry...
we obviously go through it much faster!

6 Adults
1 dog
3 cats

What would happen if we lived in AFRICA?
How far would we HAVE to walk?
How MUCH could be get at one time?
What would the water QUALITY be?

We have only been without water
in our well for 10 days!
In some places,
It has been a LIFE TIME!

Our church supports
an organization that has been able to drill a
number of wells in Africa!
Their motto is You & Action = Change

Watch this video and see if you agree!!

My challenge... How much does your water matter to you?
Try using ONLY the water that you carry into your
home for a weekend..... (including water to bathe, flush, drink,
do dishes by hand, cook, feed pets, etc.) Do this for at least 1 full day!

offering a gift of appreciation to Global Benefit for your water
so that someone else may have clean water too!

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Anonymous said...

Pete & Mel...This is a fantastic website with the right message. Love the whole thing on water. You guys are so special and we love and appreciate you. Tom & Carol