August 26, 2010

Meet Our Newest Additions to the Herd!

Most of you know that we have been raising meat rabbits for the past few years. They have been a lot of fun and some work too! As a reminder to my more squeamish readers, those with names are NOT going to freezer camp! :) And actually, we did sell quite a few of them as pets this year! The two we kept out of the last litter have their father's beautiful blue eyes....  so, I'm kind of hoping that this trait will pass forward into next year's litters! 

Above is Willy.... he is a sweet little buck! Both he and his

sister Lilly have Sinatra's pretty eyes! They are a mix  breed rabbit
but we know they have some Flemish Giant and Harlequin in them!
They are a cross of Sinatra X Sookie, both very gentle
 rabbits with wonderful personalities!

Here is the full herd!  (DOES)
 Top Left: Scarlet, Top Right: Clara (New Zealand White)
Bottom Left: Maxine Bottom Right: Lilly
Top Right: Sookie, Top Right: Hazel (two of our original does)
(both are crosses of Flemish Giant & Harlequin)
Bottom Left: Lucy and Bottom Right: Bella  (both pure Silver Fox)

Outside for the spring, summer & fall are our bucks!
To the Left is Charlie Brown  (pure bred Silver Fox)
He's kind of hard to see, but he is in there on the
right side of the cage!
and on the right is Silas (New Zealand White and
one of our original bucks!)
On the Right is Sinatra (Named for his pretty blue eyes
and is our other original buck!)
and on the left is Willy  (Sinatra X Sookie)

(And, before you ask... yes, the blue container under Silas
is to catch the droppings! We actually have containers under
each cage. Rabbits choose a corner in their cage to make
their bathroom spot and are very predictable after that!
It makes clean up MUCH easier!)

To get a closer look, check them out at:

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Anonymous said...

Lilly is my favorite new bunny! She reminds me of a dilute calico cat. The bucket thing is a GREAT idea! Love your blog!