February 22, 2010

Honduras More Pictures Part 2

Here is the team...   front is Daniel (Honduran dentist and nephew of Paz) and Debbie. Standing middle row L to R is Zeke (Honduran friend) Roger, Ron, Sue, & Paz (Honduran Dentist & church planter) and the back row L to R is Austin, John, Pete and Audrey!
  Arriving from the airport with all the bags packed full of clothes, medicines & supplies!
I'm having a hard time placing the pictures so that I can type and explain them to you!! The above pictures show you the terrain of a 2+ mile hike the team had to make each morning & evening for 4 days to get to the villages while carrying all the supplies up & down. (They did have the use of a couple of mules to help!) This village had seen NO MEDICAL or DENTAL clinics ever in the past! They saw over 130 people the first day! At the end of the day the team would hike back down to a cinder block church where they stayed the 3 nights. They had no electricity & no running water, so they also had to carry in water & food supplies for themselves along with the medical stuff & clothes etc. Tired but well satisfied by the end of each day....    As you can see in the top few pictues above, they were able to drive a little ways up the road, but then had to walk the remaining couple of miles. You can see the road/path going up into the mountains! The last couple of pictures above show the church they stayed at and their friend Rebecca (a Honduran native) that served as the cook for the team! You can see inside the church (below) the sleeping area. A few of them had bugnets over their sleeping bags & blow up mattresses. They saw one scorpion, a stick bug (that Austin JUST told me he picked up to remove from inside!) geckos, army ants and a kissing bug! (YUK!)
Pete, Roger, Ron, Zeke and Austin are preparing some of the medicines for the clinic. They bring down Sharpies & snack baggies to write on and give out the antacid, vitamins & antibiotics etc. They also had liquid medicines; cough syrup, paracite medicine and liquid tylenol & vitamins for babies! In the picture below you can see Debbie talking with one of the mothers and her young son. They told me that of a man that had had a broken leg for about a month, but with no money and no way to see a doctor, he just had to deal with it. They were able to get to him and help bring him back to the clinc so that he could see the doctor. His leg was swollen, darkened and you could see the break. I'm not sure what happened with this man... he obviously needed surgery. The team had it set up for him to go to a hospital, but I'm not sure of the outcome. What a blessing it was to each of the team members to be in Honduras! Debbie had brought her laptop with her along with the clayanimation movie of Jesus in Spanish!! She set it up and the children flocked to see the moving pictures! (And the adults too!) They had NEVER seen a television, never mind a computer before! They were the first in their families & village to see such a thing! This tool was awesome in sharing the gospel! 

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