February 14, 2010

Home From Honduras .... PART 1

Austin, Audrey & Pete had a wonderful trip to Honduras!
They arrived home about 3AM on Tuesday, February 2nd!
A common sight... can you imagine seeing this coming down the road?!
Pete and Audrey are washing the hair of a few young girls.
Austin helped with the pharmacies again during the clinics!
TWINS!  Aren't they adorable!

Audrey took over 600 pictures this year and I will get more of them to
share with you! They had a wonderful trip. This year it 
was a bit different because they spent three nights camping
out in a church in the moutains with no water or electricity.


mad4books said...

FINALLY!!! I keep wondering when those Honduras stories & pics are gonna show up and then they do...on Valentine's Day!

Sorta like Cupid's little present to ME!

P.S. Thank you, Cupid. And Melanie. And Pete and Austin and Audrey. And Honduras.

Rebecca MacPherson said...

Yay! Photos :)

These are lovely and looks like they had a wonderful time helping out. This is so inspiring that it makes me want to plan something like this for the boys.

Melanie said...

You're welcome Kristy!! You motivated me to get at least this far in posting pictures! :) I need to go into Audrey's photos and 'snag' a few more to show you!

Rebecca... it is a life changing event that I would HIGHLY recommend! They have seen & experienced sooo much more then they ever could get from reading or hearing about it! They have alot of compassion for these people and now have friendships after going the past 3 years that they will hold onto (even in only in their hearts) forever! :)