January 5, 2010

New Year and New Ideas...

Happy New You as our pastor put it this past week at church! God is looking to do something new in each of us! This year has a new 'feel' to it...  no more looking backwards with guilt over what I shoulda, coulda, woulda done differently! I'm ready to move forward and set goals!  Hmmm, just saying that makes me cringe because goals are measurable and therefore achieve or fail becomes an issue.  Oh well - so what! A goal not set is nothing more then a thought not acted on right!? No movement in thinking...  and it is time to move!

One thing I've decided to do is to join with a group of  'canners' from all over in a challenge to can something EVERY MONTH!! How exciting is that! The deadline to join this group was 12/22 but I just found out about it this morning, so whether it is too late to officially join or not I'm not certain yet. Regardless, I am committing myself to join the challenge on at least a private level (and sharing with you all of course!) For more info. click here... 

The January challenge from this group is: CITRUS  It can be any kind of citrus: lemons, limes, grapefruit, kumquats, clementines, pomelos, oranges, tangerines! (photo by tigress) Whatever I come up with, I will be posting it here by the 22nd of the month! It's gonna be fun!!!

PS. I just got my confirmation email back! I'm in and excited!

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